We Are

An investment enterprise committed to invest in startups, projects, initiatives and individuals that advance the growth of the blockchain industry.

investment philosophy & Strategy

Three Pillars


We invest into digital assets comprising State layer of Web3 stack and selected infrastructural projects of higher layers. In addition, high-performance public chains are also our focus.


We closely follow and evaluate technology, developers’ effort, enterprise interest and funding behind blockchain projects to select a diverse array of digital assets with highest potential.

Dynamic efficient management

Participate in validation of transactions on designated blockchains selected in portfolio to offset management costs. Rebalance positions, depending on market and technology trends.

Core values

We do not have outside investors, so we have the flexibility to invest in unconventional ideas and the ability to commit financial and human capital to support the ecosystem from day one.

We are bound together by a shared vision of a future that is revolutionized by programmable value, fueled by permissionless innovation, and governed by popular sovereignty.

While we are interested in all aspects of the crypto ecosystem, our primary focus is in Open Finance, Web3 and NFT which work together to support the buildout of completely new financial systems and applications on public blockchains.

Our mission is also to advance the field’s understanding of crytoasset value capture, incentives and mechanism design. We accomplish these goals by providing direct funding in early stage, building ecosystem tools and participate in decentralized governance and community activism.


“ Sharp young minds with highest Degen Score ”

“ Ex-blockchain star entrepreneur turned investor ”

“ Trend setter ”

Our core team is experienced in traditional asset classes as well as in emergent blockchain technology. The founders have participated through the early history of the industry and have established strong relationships within its ecosystem.